New Donor Strategies Inc.

Training and Coaching. Give your team every tool to succeed with customized individual or group training, coaching and retreat facilitation. Tackle big questions, plan new approaches and energize the entire organization. Board and executive training - coupled with trend briefings - helps senior leadership fill the gaps in their understanding of fundraising channels and changes in donor behavior.

Support for you and your staff. New Donor Strategies' flexible contract makes us a virtual member of your organization, pitching in where needed without losing the outside perspective that is so valuable. NDS provides theme and copy development for online appeals, crowdfunding projects, direct mail and mobile campaigns, plus multi-channel tests. And we'll throw in new strategies to improve donor retention - starting with the item donors notice most, their acknowledgement.

Special Projects. Want to improve donor retention by revamping your renewals? Test a new theme? Or jump into Kickstarter or a community giving day? Maybe create a new mobile text campaign, or put some life back into your e-mail or direct mail? We provide ideas, strategy and tools to boost your fundraising program.

90-day New Donor Growth Plan. Get a fresh, unbiased assessment of your fundraising program - as seen by your donors and competition. You'll get practical steps for implementation and testing, plus a clear strategy to improve results from all your communications channels. We'll help you fix weak spots and pounce on opportunities, especially in reaching new constituencies and using new technology and platforms. We'll review what you need for significant growth - skills, technology and external resources. And we'll re-invigorate your core message online, in print, on mobile devices and broadcast.